Critical Issues in Police Civil Liability


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Building on the strength of previous editions, the fourth edition presents a well-conceived, clearly stated analysis of complex issues confronting law enforcement officers and administrators. Law enforcement duties sometimes place police officers in vulnerable positions regarding their legal obligations and expose them to charges of misconduct. Civil liability is an extremely expensive proposition for police officers, law enforcement agencies, governments, and— ultimately —taxpayers. Although substantial resources are often expended by the justice system to resolve liability cases, there are benefits to citizens. When the government assumes the responsibility to provide service or to protect the public, people injured by inadequate performance of those responsibilities deserve compensation; innocent parties who suffer injury should have an avenue for redress. The potential for litigation has been an impetus for better training and more responsible practices.

Title of related interest available from Waveland Press: Kappeler, Police Civil Liability: Supreme Court Cases and Materials, Second Edition (ISBN 9781577664420).

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