Criminology: Explaining Crime and Its Context


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This highly acclaimed criminology text presents an up-to-date review and analysis of criminological theories. It incorporates current examples of deterrence research regarding crimes such as domestic violence, drunk driving, and capital punishment, and features thought-provoking discussion of the relativity of crime. The authors explore the crime problem, its context, and the causes of crime. Extensive discussion of evolving laws is included, and while the prevalence of the scientific method in the field of criminology is highlighted, the impact of ideology on explanations of crime is the cornerstone of the book. This new edition includes extensive revision of Chapter 6, now titled “Biosocial Theories of Crime,” retaining much of the thoughtful historical discussion of earlier editions, but incorporating a substantial expansion of current biological research integrated with both social and biological variables. In addition, Chapter 10, “Recent Developments in Criminological Theory,” offers an expanded treatment of life-course criminology.


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