Critcrim.org and the Critical Criminology Facebook page are each intended to assist those learning about critical perspectives on crime and justice. These perspectives include original essays, books, video, news, and other information of interest. News articles are shared to encourage readers interested in gaining accurate views of crime and justice. Video posts are also included to help visitors learn about key critical criminology topics.

"Critical Criminology" is a theoretical framework for those interested in critical examinations of law, crime, and justice. American Society of Criminology divisions that adopt a critical perspective include Critical Criminology, People of Color & Crime, Victimology, and Women & Crime. Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences sections include Critical Criminal Justice, Minorities and Women, Restorative and Community Justice, and Victimology. Critical views on crime and justice are also shared by Cultural Criminology, Green Criminology, Convict Criminology, Rural Criminology, Vegan Criminology, Queer Criminology, and others with narrowed focus and/or alternate perspectives. This site attempts to highlight the work of these groups and more, with an emphasis on shared perspectives and goals.

Recent Facebook Posts

'South Park' Made It Cool Not to Care. Then The World Changed

“in a world where conservatives have increasingly positioned themselves as the harbingers of free speech, leveraging the right to speak one’s mind as a justification for violating the personal freedoms of others, the true legacy of South Park’s no-fucks-given..

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Over 40 People Have Been Arrested As Potential Mass Shooters Since El Paso

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In Hidden-Camera Exposé, Cambridge Analytica Executives Boast Of Role In Trump Win

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The Baffler Magazine

“The next day it was back to Trump’s taxes, jittery markets, and another school shooting, but for a moment at least, the whirling kinetoscope of our collective acid trip into hell focused briefly on the fact that the planet we live on is dying.”

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Meet the Student Journalists Who Exposed Their High School’s Use of Prison Labor

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Labor Rights Are Human Rights — It’s Time We Guaranteed Them in the Constitution

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