Research Handbook on International Financial Crime (Research Handbooks in Financial Law series) (Elgar Original reference)


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The Research Handbook on International Financial Crime brings together a strong group of contributors under the editorship of Professor Barry Rider. Reflecting the success of the long-standing Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime, the Handbook covers a wide range of subjects over some sixty chapters. It will make a valuable contribution to the practical as well as the theoretical aspects of this important subject.
– Sir William Blair, Justice of the Queen’s Bench Division, Commercial Court, President of the Board of Appeal of the European Supervisory Authorities

Monumental and magisterial are fitting descriptions for this book. The editor and contributors provide extensive knowledge and authoritative insight into the ever-burgeoning field of financial and economic crimes. With in-depth coverage on a national and international scale of topics such as fraud, financial and market governance, corruption, money laundering, and civil and criminal processes, this book delivers a compendious guide for scholars, policymakers and practitioners everywhere, as well as an unrelenting warning about embedded societal risks of insecurity and instability.
– Clive Walker, School of Law, University of Leeds, UK

A significant proportion of serious crime is economically motivated. Almost all financial crimes will be either motivated by greed, or the desire to cover up misconduct. This Handbook addresses financial crimes such as fraud, corruption and money laundering, and highlights both the risks presented by these crimes, as well as their impact on the economy.

The contributors cover the practical issues on the topic on a transnational level, both in terms of the crimes and the steps taken to control them. They place an emphasis on the prevention, disruption and control of financial crime. They discuss, in eight parts, the nature and characteristics of economic and financial crime, The enterprise of crime, business crime, the financial sector at risk, fraud, corruption, The proceeds of financial and economic crime, and enforcement and control.

Academics interested in criminology, law, as well as business and legal studies students will find this book to be an invaluable resource. Practitioners, including lawyers, compliance and risk managements, law enforcement officers, and policy makers will also find the points raised to be of use.

Contributors: I. Abramova, R. Alexander, S.A. Ali, A. Armstrong, L. Atherton, G. Baber, A. Bacarese, F.N. Baldwin, S. Bazley, C. Bradley, J. Bryant, A. Campbell, E. Campbell, S.D. Cassella, R. Cheung, J. Clough, G. Crentsil, L. de Koker, K.A. Drummond, J. Fisher, L. Fituni, D. Fitzpatrick, R.D.Francis, M.M. Gallant, P.M. German, G. Gilligan, M. Glanville, P. Gray, A. Hakimah Ab Halim, J. Harvey, M. Hauman, D. Hayton, J. Henning, T.R. Hurst, J. Ingle, S.F.A. Jabbar, D. Jayasuriya, J. Jeremie, J. Johnson, D. Johnston, S.D. Keene, I. Kerusauskaite, D. Kirk, M. Krambia-Kapardis, M. Levi, K. Levy, X. Li, E. Liu, A.S. Lukito, F.G. Madsen, J.L. Masters, A. Middlemiss, N. Moola, H. Mulukutla, K. Murray, C. Nakajima, R. Parlour, C. Pédamon, S. Quo, J. Reading, B. Rider, H. Rosenberg, N. Ryder, N. Saleh, C.A. Schipani, C. Spector-Naranjo, C. Stears, E. Stuart-Smith, M.R.C. Sutherland, H. Tjio, W. Tupman, M. Turkington, A. Walters, C. Wells, L.H. Xing, Y. Zhen


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