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Philosophers have only studied the world in various ways, the point is to change it.                      ..........Marx,   the 11th Thesis on Feuerbach.

001  The Dramaturgical Society A Macro-dramaturgical analysis of mass society.
by TR Young and Garth Massey with the assistance of Jeanne Boland, New Zealand/

003 Conflict Methodology
An application of conflict theory to the design and use of social research by T. R. Young

005 Liberating Sociology: The Graduate Student
by TR Young

007 BackStage at the White House.
WaterGate as Theatre by TR Young

008 Nine Contributions of Karl Marx to Social Psychology  by TR Young, The University of Makerere, 1971

009 Theoretical Foundations of Conflict Methodology by TR Young

012 Self and Social Organization In Capitalist Societies by TR Young

017: Conflict Moments in Critical Theory
by TR Young, The Red Feather Institute, and by Richard B. Howard, Robert M. Christie, California State University, Dominguez Hills

020 Radical Dimensions in Modern Systems Theory The Emergence of Temporary structures, Parallel structures, Underground structures, and Conflict structures in Alienated Societies.
by TR Young

021 Status Group and Stande
by Morton G. Wenger

022 Marxist Scholarship in America
by T. R. Young

024 Postmodern sOZiology:  Dorothy and Toto study for a Graduate Degree in American Soziology.  by update of 005, above

026 On the Possibility of Synthesis in Stratification Theory: A Study in Crisis Management by Morton G. Wenger

032 The Division of Labor in the Construction of Social Reality by T. R. Young

037 Some Theses on the Structure of Self in Mass Societies by TR Young

039 Crime, Crisis, and Social Revolution:
The Progressive Thesis in Marxist Criminology
by Morton G. Wenger and Thomas A. Bonomo

041 T.V. News and the Suppression of Reflexivity
by Peter Dahlgren

042 Toward a Critical Marxism
by George Katsiaficus

047 Marxian Methodology And the Constitution of Human Knowledge by T. R. Young

055 The Structure of Self in Mass Society:
Against Zurcher by TR Young


071 Dramaturgical Analysis and Societal Critique
by John Welsh

075 Sociology and Human Knowledge:
Scientific vs. Folk Methods of Organizing Social Life by T. R. Young

077 Cultural Marxism: An Introduction.
by TR Young

078 Typifications of Christ at Christmas and Eastertime by TR Young

079 Reaganism and Religion
Contradictions of Born-Again Politics
by John Welsh and by TR Young


085 Capitalist Decline, Political Reaction, and Contemporary Religious Revival
by Morton G. Wenger

096 The Social Psychology of Fraud
Dramaturgy, Carnegie and Puppet Theater

by John Welsh

104 Transforming American Sociology: An Agenda by T. R. Young

105 The Sociology of Make-Believe and Just-Pretend by TR Young

108 Cultural and Structural Approaches to the Sociology of Sports by TR Young

111 Social Justice vs Criminal Justice:
An Agenda for Critical Criminology
by TR Young

112  DEVIANCE VACATIONS: American Travels to the Exotic Identities of Others by Karen Bettez Halnon Penn State Abington

114 Sport in Advanced Capitalism
by Thomas Kiel, University of Louisville

115 Social Problems Theory
Affirmative Postmodern Agenda for Social Problems Theory in the 21st Century.
by T.R. Young

116 A Marxian Theory of Crime
by T. R. Young

by TR Young

118 Class Warfare in the Reagonomics and Social Justice
by T. R. Young

119 Critical Dimensions in Urban Life:
Energy Extraction and Community Collapse
by Garth Massey

120 The Social Location of Justice in America
by T. R. Young

122 Marxian Analysis and American Sociology
by Morton G. Wenger

123 The Sociology of Race Relations in the United States: Past and Future by Edna Bonacich


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124 The Social Location of Social Problems: Globalization of Crime, Unemployment, Poverty and Social Revolution. By TR Young

125 The Ku Klux Klan and the American Nazi Party: Case Studies in Totalitarianism and Fascism  by Betty A. Dobratz and Stephanie Shanks-Meile

126 Criminology Theory for the 21st Century
By TR Young

127 Dramaturgy and Social Revolution
by John Welsh

129 Corporate Crime: Four Theses
by TR Young

130 HardTimes and Hard Tomatoes
Toward a Postmodern Social Psychology
by TR Young

132 Critical Dramaturgy
Repoliticizing Dramaturgical Analysis
by TR Young and John F. Welsh

133 Sociological Theory for the 21ST Century
Re-Situating Marxist Theory; Politicizing Symbolic Interactional Theory By TR Young and Larry Reynolds.

142 War and Rumors of War
by T. R. Young

144 The Promise of Sociology
Critical Theory and Emancipatory Knowledge
by T. R. Young

145 Marx & The Postmodern Compatibilites and Contrarities by TR Young

146 A Brief History of Steve Pfohl
Toward a Postmodern Sociology
by TR Young

147 Chaos & Social Change
A Metaphysic for Postmodern Philosophy of Science  by TR Young

148 Part I: Postmodern Understandings of the God Concept: Social Justice and the Drama of the Holy by T. R. Young

153   The Archeology of Human Knowledge: Pre-Modern, Modern and Post-Modern Missions and Methods for the Knowledge Process. 
by TR Young

154 Reinventing Sociology Missions and Methods for Postmodern Sociologists
by T. R. Young and James Yarbrough

155 Artificial Stupidity by TR Young

156 Chaos and Human Agency Explorations in Postmodern Humanism by TR Young

157 POSTMODERN RELIGION AND THE GLOBAL WORLD ORDER: The Political Economy of Christianity by T. R. Young

158 Chaos Theory and Social Dynamics:
Foundations of Postmodern Social Science
by T. R. Young

159 Class Warfare in the 80's and 90's:
Reaganomics and Social Justice.
by TR Young.

160 Controlling State Crime in The United States of America by T.R. Young--Dedicated to the Memory of Al Szymanski

161 The Drama of Social Enquiry: Politically Correct Knowledge  by T. R.Young

162 Part II: The Drama of the Holy in the New World Order: Science and Theology in Postmodern Understanding  by TR Young

165 The Great Flying Chaos Learning Circus
A Strangely Attractive Way to Teach Large Sociology Classes by A. Zajicek, T. R. Young, T. Wolfe, J. Sult, A. Philaretou and R. Hoe,  Virginia Tech

168 Chaos Theory and the Knowledge Process
Explorations in Postmodern Methodology
by T. R. Young and James Yarbrough
Texas Woman's University

170 Class Structure and Class Process:
Postmodern Understandings of Class Dynamics
by T. R. Young

No. 171   The Human Use of the Human Genome: Postmodern Understandings of Race and Gender. by T.R. Young

174 Chaos and Causality:
Transformations of Causal Dynamics in Non-Linear Systems by TR Young

176 CRITICAL THEORY AND THE LIMITS OF SOCIOLOGICAL POSITIVISM by R. George Kirkpatrick, San Diego State University; George N. Katsiaficas, University of California, San Diego and Mary Lou Emery, Stanford University. 1978

181 Dress, Drama and Self: The Tee Shirt as Text
by T. R. Young and all the Students of Soc 243, Mass Media at Colorado State University

183 Postmodern Theories of Crime
by Bruce Arrigo and T. R. Young

184 A Constitutive Theory of Justice:
Architecture and Content by T. R. Young

185 Work and Wisdom in the World
by T. R. Young and Nancy Maxson

190: Manifesto of Praxis Societies
by Chas. H. Ostenle

191 Part III: Religion and Social Justice in the New World Order: Postmodern Approaches to Social Justice by TR Young

by TR Young

194 VALUE, MARKETS AND SOCIALISM by W. Paul Cockshott and Allin F. Cottrell

195 Chaos and Social Control by TR Young

196   Marxism and Social Movements.  by TR Young

197   Historical Materialism
        by Mick Brooks

198  PLAGIARIZED by Jeffrey Riemer

201 The Sociological Imagination:  How to Tell Social Problems from Personal Problems.  By TR Young and dedicated to the memory of C. Wright Mills.

202 AGENDA FOR THE 21ST CENTURY: Emancipatory Symbolic Interaction and Democratic Social Life by  TR Young

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The Articles in the Transforming Sociology Series began in the '60's when it was very difficult for those on the margins of American Sociology to find a voice in establishment journals.  In the midst of the Civil Rights movement, the Anti-war movement, the Feminist Movement and Black Power Activism, the ASA and most regional associations, hiding behind a mask of objectivity, impartiality and value neutrality, pushed control, consensus, and functional necessity for class and gender inequality.  Marx was not mentioned in most grad schools.  Conflict Theory and Conflict Methodology were 'unscientific.'  Otto Larsen, Executive Director of ASA ridiculed my work on Conflict Methodology in an Issue of  The American Sociologist.   Otto was a very nice guy but had no idea of what was going on in the philosophy of science and the sociology of knowledge. ..Clueless in Washington, D.C.  A few of us at Colorado State University thought we had a clue.  As it turned out, we did.

Tim Lehmann, Tom Harblin and I decided that we needed a way to get excluded, 'un-scientific' papers to sociologists...especially to graduate sociology students.  So we created the Red Feather Institute and began to publish the papers below...and to distribute them at scholarly meetings around the country for 25 to grad students.  Tim and his family moved to New York...and a couple years later, Tom and his family moved to I carried on.  Garth Massey joined me and remains a source of support.  Here are some of the articles...many have been lost in the many moves I've made these past 10 years or so...but, as we find them, we'll add them to the Archives and, as well, add new articles as they come along.

TRYoung, Director

Visits Since Aug 20, 1998