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Dear Colleagues:

We cordially invite submissions to the PomoCrim Home Page.

Send them to TR Young in either ASCII or html documents.


1. Length: Between 10 to 30 pages would be best.

2. Publication Policy: The Red Feather Institute supports a wide range of progressive scholarship.

3. Topics:  Papers oriented to feminist, ethnic, class and/or religious dignity and empowerment are especially solicited. Articles oriented to structural crime in the global economy and/or those which help readers understand the vast differences in class, status and power are most welcome.

Articles which assign good or evil to special persons or to entire groups will not be considered.

4. Manuscript Fee: There is no fee for submission.

5. Graphics:  Graphics must be in gif. images.

        Please send any graphics in separate files, either on disk or email.

6. Turn Around Time: You will hear from the Editors within three weeks.
        If you haven't heard by then, please do remind the Editor.

                                                                                        TR Young,
                                                                                        General Editor