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Non-Linear Patterns in harmful Behaviors

Lectures on Chaos and Crime

001 Introduction to the Meaning of Chaos Theory
        for Postmodern Criminology. TR Young

002  Challenges for Postmodern Criminology: Conceptual
        and research tasks for the 21st Century. TR Young

003   The A, B, C's of Crime: Attractors, Bifurcations and Chaotic Regimes:              Non-linear patterns in Street Crime, White Collar Crime, Corporate and Political Crime. TR Young

004 Chaos and Social Control Theory: From Social Control to Social Justice--a Theory. TR Young

005 A Theory of Distributive Justice: Elements of a Non-Linear Theory of Justice. TR Young

006 Juvenile Delinquency, Chaos Theory and Discourse Analysis: Developing Conceptual Tools for Critical Inquiry by Jeffrey Ryan

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