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Most law enforcement agencies don't know how many mental health related calls they actually service. In the article below, the Fulton Co Police Chief wants a Co-Responder Program, but first wants to start tracking how many mental health related incidents are being documented by police under unrelated call descriptions- like "intoxication." It is the norm for a large portion of any agency's mental health related calls to be "hidden" within call categories such as "suspicious person" and "domestic disturbance." The problem is that the off-the-shelf CAD and RMS systems typically document incidents based on the original call-out and agencies do not have a way to "flag" those incidents which responding officers later realize are mental health related. Duluth PD was contacted in 2015 and reported that at least 1/3 of the mental health related incidents they responded to were hidden in the records under unrelated call descriptors. Minneapolis has bid out a new RMS system and Chief Harteau tells us she wants their system to allow the officers to flag any call as mental health related. Being able to accurately assess the number and characteristics of mental health related calls is key to managing an agency's response. You cannot manage what you cannot measure. www.myajc.com/news/news/local-govt-politics/fulton-county-considers-creating-police-crisis-int/ns... ...

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